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It is often through problems that we achieve insight and clarity.

In early 2014, Damian Modra began contemplating a problem. What he addressed was a series of questions that had presented themselves, all entangled in one bigger question: What does the future hold?

This larger question was comprised of individual component parts, including:

• How could he and his wife Kristy, with their two young daughters, continue to
   live in Tumby Bay, yet fulfil their many lifestyle and commercial ambitions, in balance?

• How could Damian’s parents, Norm and Jenny, fully enjoy a financially-secure,
   more care-free land relaxed life, in their 70’s and beyond?

• How could his love of Tumby Bay – and his belief in the unique wonder and beauty of
  the place – be shared with like-minded people, for the betterment of all involved?

• How could his own sense of care for the environment reach more
   people – for their benefit and the environment?

After leaving Tumby Bay in 1993, to work in Adelaide and pursue his dreams of travel and career, Damian worked in hospitality and travelled to Europe.

His travels were, as many have experienced, an eye-opener. Two main beliefs crystallised  - Tumby Bay’s wonderful uniqueness and his commitment to living a life of environmental-responsibility…without compromising comfort and fun.

For 30 years, Norm and Jenny Modra had owned and operated Modra’s Apartments, on the coast at Tumby Bay. By 2005, they were ready to consider their retirement and how it could work. Consulting with their three adult children and their families, it was agreed that Damian and Kristy would return to Tumby Bay from Adelaide and manage Modra’s Apartments. Norm and Jenny would take a back-seat, yet remain in the business, as required.

The land on which Modra’s Apartments is built is beautiful.
Two and a half acres (just over 1 hectare), positioned between the bay and the marina with about a 30 metre walk to the beach. It had been a very happy and successful tourist business but it was time to embark on serious construction work to up-grade the accommodation. Or…? What else could such a beautiful location lend itself to?

That potential triggered Damian’s major question: What does the future hold?

How could all of his extended family’s various needs and desires be accommodated? How could an equally happy, commercially-secure future be created?

Those deliberations led to the creation of Breathe.

Breathe is an entirely new – a complete re-invention of – a residential neighbourhood. A new way for people to think about life.

Damian was also influenced by his own parent’s dilemma – they wanted to live a life of more…and less. More freedom, more relaxation, more time, more to be interested in and less stress, less pressure, less rush, less demands.

With all those, sometimes conflicting, needs Damian sat down and wrote the vision and the plan for how living in residential park could be. The more he talked to his Mum and Dad about what they wanted and the more he talked to other people – locals, visitors, friends – about what they wanted, the more clarity about Breathe came to light.

Once the primary lifestyle needs of the people he talked to were well-documented, Damian then sought to introduce into his plan his own beliefs about the wider effect and benefit of living in an environmentally-responsible way.

His research into environmentally-sound design and construction, sourced from all over the world, originally centred on what materials, what technology, what architectural knowledge would result in building a community that would have, as a minimum, zero negative impact on the environment.

With more research came more insights. At the minimum, Damian’s goal was to create a very positive benefit to the environment, including being as independent of resource-use as possible. The goal was to have no electricity bills, minimal water bills and all while living in beautiful, peaceful, high quality and high comfort housing.

Many amazing new products, new materials and new methods have been discovered and investigated by Damian, but perhaps the biggest surprise was to discover the impact that living in an environmentally-responsible way has on people and their sense of well-being.

In essence, most people derive a deep and lasting sense of feeling good about living in a way that improves the environment and dramatically reduces their utilities costs, particularly electricity, gas and water. And when this is achieved without compromising comfort and luxury, the feeling of well-being is significant.

All of these revelations, compiled in over three years of his concentrated study and research, combined to answer Damian’s major question of what to do...and why.

Breathe is the answer – not just for Damian’s family, but for many, many couples who are 55+ and seeking more life in retirement, not less, and also families and people at all stages of their lives.

Damian’s reason for creating Breathe, his WHY, is answered by resolving one very big question: How can everyone live a better life?

With his WHY firmly in mind, Damian has created a place – a neighbourhood – where like-minded people can live fully, live relaxed, live fulfilled, all because they have a stronger sense of home than at any previous time in their lives.

Many factors go toward creating such a feeling and whilst they probably change from person to person, when added all together, these people share a similar sense of the life they desire and create a unique neighbourhood – a unique life.

Damian’s WHY is to create a better place to live. By doing so, he has discovered how people can live better lives.

“More than anything else, men and women seek happiness.”

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