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“In Tumby Bay. Where you can!”

The benefits of life at Breathe
with Tumby Care;

•    Couples can live together
•    Privacy and freedom of home ownership
•    Retain your independence
•    Flexible support and aged care
•    Only pay for the care you need
•    No stamp duty on purchase
•    No asset tests or financial disclosure
•    No exit fees (DMF)
•    No minimum age limits
•    No ACAT assessments
•    No eligibility tests or referrals
•    Environmentally-smart homes
•    No electricity costs
•    Fixed weekly living costs
•    Proven social benefits of Neighbourhood living
•    Lower care costs
•    Lower living costs

“I thought. I asked. I listened. I studied.”

And came up with this.

“I created Breathe for people who are seeking:

A sense of belonging…yet independence. 
A sense of neighbourhood…yet privacy. 
A sense of togetherness…yet freedom. 
A sense of quiet…yet fun. 
A sense of environmental-awareness…yet not a burden. 

And a knowing that there’s plenty to do, yet a complete absence of urgency.

If this appeals to you, please read on.” Damian Modra

What is Breathe?

Breathe will be a 40-residence, Environmentally-Smart neighbourhood at Tumby Bay, designed for people who are not ready to lose their independence.

Breathe is for people who just want a home they can love, in a place that they’ll enjoy, with other like-minded people. It’s a neighbourhood where all can be confident that they will receive the support and care that they may need, now or in future.

Over 2,300 years ago, Aristotle noted that;
“More than anything else, men and women seek happiness.”

That is the founding thought behind Breathe.

What is Environmentally-Smart?

What if every single thought I’ve had about
Breathe, including how we design and build it,
made the world a better place?

That is my goal.

That is what being Environmentally-Smart™ means.
It goes beyond the net-zero
environmental impact, to actually have a
net positive benefit.


If, as we stated above, you are ready to live the next stage of your life, we would like to
learn more about you and what you are seeking.

If you would like to explore more of what Breathe offers, please contact Damian on:

Office: 08 8688 2087  Mobile: 0459 026 523
Breathe Neighbourhood 2 Yaringa Ave Tumby Bay SA 5605

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